My story,Nuraien.

Hello,I'm Nuraien bt Mohd Shawal.14 years old.I was born on 24 of September,1996.Now,I'm staying at Pandan Indah,Ampang.Currently doing my junior year at SMKPJ.I love to make a new friends.I hate MatRempit and CopyPig.I love CheeseCakes and Muffins.You doesn't like it?What do I care?I have 4sisters and no brothers.And I am the last one.heeee :)My status is secret.You hate me?I hate you too,Damn.Never ever try to judge me because all people are not perfect.I'm not beautiful but I'm a simple person.I want to be your friends if you be nicely with me.I don't want to be your friends if you BajetHot.I'm sorry.Thank you for the cooperation :)
P/s ; I love to be crazy.