14 March 2010

Oh gosh,14 March are the sweet memories for me.Izzat was make me really really heart broken.When I went to Berjaya Times Square,I saw him.Thats really make me hurt.Sometimes,I break him.But lastly,I was hurt.Urm,In the evening,I went to Pavi to meet him.Then,he tell that he can't accept me anymore.I ran away from him.After that he chase me until at the Lot 10.Ouchhhh,that so sweet!Then,i told him,If you can't accept me just leave me okay.He go away from me!Oh,Shit!I'm looking at him,but he doesn't turn back.Ohh,i'm so sad while i'm thinking want to kill myself.About 10minutes,I texted him.Then he came to Pavi back.I'm begging to him while I cried.He tell me I love you sayang.I hold closely with him and I kissed him.Oh god!Im so glad can be with him for second time.Thanks a lot God :)
P/s ;I love you.

When He's crying.

When I tell him I wanna break with him,he's crying.And for the second time I was make my bf cried.Its so annoying right?But sometimes we must make our lover cried because they will know how can they live without us.Heee :D.After I heard his cried,I was laughed like a monkey.HAHA.And he tell me :"Please,I'm begging to you don't break up with me.I need you,baby."And I very touching with his words.OMG,why you make me like this?As you know he's never break my fucking heart.Its complicated to make a decision.Then,he's crying more and more and more.I don't know how to do and I just says:"Okay,fine!Stop crying.Its so annoying.Grrr,btw.I'm so sorry because I was make you hurt.I'm so bored and I don't know how to do.Then I asked you for the break.Sorry yaww. :)
P/s:Baby,I love you and I reallyreally do."

My story,Nuraien.

Hello,I'm Nuraien bt Mohd Shawal.14 years old.I was born on 24 of September,1996.Now,I'm staying at Pandan Indah,Ampang.Currently doing my junior year at SMKPJ.I love to make a new friends.I hate MatRempit and CopyPig.I love CheeseCakes and Muffins.You doesn't like it?What do I care?I have 4sisters and no brothers.And I am the last one.heeee :)My status is secret.You hate me?I hate you too,Damn.Never ever try to judge me because all people are not perfect.I'm not beautiful but I'm a simple person.I want to be your friends if you be nicely with me.I don't want to be your friends if you BajetHot.I'm sorry.Thank you for the cooperation :)
P/s ; I love to be crazy.