When He's crying.

When I tell him I wanna break with him,he's crying.And for the second time I was make my bf cried.Its so annoying right?But sometimes we must make our lover cried because they will know how can they live without us.Heee :D.After I heard his cried,I was laughed like a monkey.HAHA.And he tell me :"Please,I'm begging to you don't break up with me.I need you,baby."And I very touching with his words.OMG,why you make me like this?As you know he's never break my fucking heart.Its complicated to make a decision.Then,he's crying more and more and more.I don't know how to do and I just says:"Okay,fine!Stop crying.Its so annoying.Grrr,btw.I'm so sorry because I was make you hurt.I'm so bored and I don't know how to do.Then I asked you for the break.Sorry yaww. :)
P/s:Baby,I love you and I reallyreally do."